Botox Clinic Warwickshire

Botox Clinic Warwickshire


Examining prior to treatment at Botox Clinic Warwickshire

Botox Clinic Warwickshire

We are a discreet botox clinic based in Leamington Spa,Warwickshire.  Our Botox Clinic Warwickshire specialises in creating a natural look.  Our highly skilled Botox Doctor (Dr Richard Brighton-Knight) has performed many thousands of treatments.  Our clients say he is very gentle and love it when others say to them they look well.

Our Botox Clinic Warwickshire is based around your needs. You can just come in for a consultation and can make your own mind up in your own time.  We believe that our job is to inform you as to the likely results of your Botox treatment. You can then make your own decision about your Botox treatment. This is a medical prescription treatment which we encourage everyone to think about before having a treatment.

At our Botox Clinic Warwickshire most of people come to us because they are looking for a skilled professional doctor, natural results and the opportunity to build a long term relationship. The choice of doctor is very personal and is often said to be like choosing a hairdresser.  Once you find one that you like you tend to stick with them.  We are very proud that the vast majority of people come back time and again to see Dr Richard Brighton-Knight.  They tell us they enjoy his no fuss approach, precise details and safe hands. If you are a bit nervous, which is very natural, we work with you to answer all you questions, to reassure you and relax you as much as possible.

So if you have any questions that you would like us to answer before you come in contact us via the tab on the right. Call us on 01926 800770 to book in.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you at our lovely Botox Clinic Warwickshire


See you soon.