Our Prices

Below are some of our prices but is not an exhaustive list please contact us for more specific information on any service. The price list covers Botox cost, dermal filler cost, lip filler cost, Pdo threadlift cost and Silhouette Soft cost. Other costs are on request just contact us.

Anti Wrinkle Injections (also known as Botox) Costs from:

Leamington Spa & Hove Harley Street, London
1 Area e.g. Crow’s feet £145 £175
2 Areas e.g.Frown and Forehead £220 £250
3 Areas eg. Frown, Forehead and Crow’s feet £295 £325
Excessive Sweating £395 £425
top-up (free after initial treatment) £40 £70

Dermal Filler Costs from:

Leamington Spa & Hove Harley Street, London
1/2 ml for fine lines and small lips £195 £225
Additional 1/2 ml £150 £150
1ml Dermal filler starting amount for deeper lines,volumising treatments or more volume to lip, non surgical nose jobs
£345 £375
2ml Volumising treatment £645 £675
Sculptra (per vial) £400 £430
Ellansé – longer lasting filler up to 2 years (per ml) £395 £425
Platelet Rich Plasma (vampire treatment) from
£395 £425

Threads and Thread Lift Costs from: 

Leamington Spa & Hove Harley Street, London
5 point Lift  £1295 £1595
Under Eye Threads and Collagen Stimulating Threads from
£395 £445
5 point Lift and Neck Lift
£1595 £1895
Silhouette Soft 10 threads
£2500 £2800

Botox cost, filler injections cost, lip filler cost, PDO threadlift cost and Silhouette Soft cost are just one part of what we would recommend you take into account when choosing who to go to. Price is just one element. We aim to offer value for money whilst maintaining high standards of clinical care, with all our medical treatments being performed by our Doctor. By spending time getting to know what your goals and needs are, we believe we offer a better quality service. If you would like to know more about how we work just contact us.

All prices are subject to consultation and change at any time. Terms and conditions apply. We do not price match as all treatments are done by doctor who has 12 years of experience – it is had to find a match for that.

We are based in Harley Street, London, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, near to Coventry West Midlands and in Brighton & Hove, Sussex