Cheek Filler

Are you looking for more apple to your cheek? Whether you are looking to replace lost volume or just give your cheeks an extra boost we can help.

Why get cheek filler?

cheek fillers in leamington Spa, warwickshire, Harley Street London, Brighton & Hove, SussexYou’ve lost volume in cheeks due to facial changes associated with time

You’ve lost volume in cheeks due to weight loss

You feel that you cheeks have always been smaller / flatter than you would like

What does cheek filler involve?

The first step with any procedure such as cheek filler is a full consultation with our doctor Dr Richard Brighton-Knight.  He will spend time with you so that you can explain what you are looking for, especially how much additional fullness you would like. He will advise how much is likely to be needed always erring on the side of caution. We can always add more later and we want it to look natural.

Once you are happy that all your questions have been answered and you’ve had time to think things over we can proceed.  The procedure itself takes a matter of minutes.  It involves the placement of fillers like Juvederm® Voluma or Restylane® Volyme gently into the cheek.  This is done bit by bit to ensure that there is a natural effect.

 How does cheek filler work?

The cheek fillers we use are based on a gel that lifts the tissues of the face up and out. This enables the product to placed to give a natural lift to the cheek and often a nice natural lift to other parts of the face. Dr Brighton-Knight uses his skills to build a natural result. More detail of how this is done and how he produces a very natural finish is covered at the consultation.

Who will be performing the cheek filler?

Dr Richard Brighton-Knight is very experienced at this procedure performing several a week.  He has built up a wide range of experience ensuring that you are in safe hands

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