Dermal Fillers Warwickshire

Dermal Fillers Warwickshire

dermal fillers warwickshire, leamington spa soft feather

Soft as a feather dermal fillers


Change Aesthetics offers soft dermal fillers Warwickshire.  We pride ourselves on producing a natural look.  We feel it is important that your dermal fillers Warwickshire enhance your look and make you feel better about yourself.

Our experienced and skilful Dr Richard Brighton-Knight has performed 1000s of treatments. He treats nose to mouth lines. He enhances lips. He lifts cheeks. He softens jowls. He smooths out bumpy noses. He revolumises faces. All so that you look and feel better, using dermal fillers Warwickshire.

Dermal fillers Warwickshire are an art form as well as a science. The balancing of proportions for the face is a skill. Dr Richard Brighton-Knight has developed “the eye” over many years and 1000s of treatments. He has developed techniques for lifting whilst keeping the face looking natural. No more over blown cheeks.

Consultations for dermal fillers Warwickshire are an important step. We need to see your features and discuss what you are looking for. Following the consultation we are then able to give you a guide as to the cost.  Our prices can be found here.  Amounts of filler vary from person to person. The following amounts are designed to be a guide. A small lip enhancement can be done with 1/2 ml, last 6-9 months. Facial revolumisation usually needs 2ml of filler, lasting about 1 year. Nose to mouth lines usually use 1ml.  Generally we start with small amounts knowing that we can always add more if needed.

The main products used for dermal fillers Warwickshire are the Restylane family. These produce nice soft results with lift.  Dr Richard Brighton-Knight has been using Restylane for many years. From the 1000s of treatments, he has found it is very rare to get problems with these fillers


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