Dr Brighton-Knight – Experienced Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Richard Brighton-Knight has an international following for his artistic injectable skills.  As a highly experienced aesthetic doctor he over 12 years of injecting Botox and dermal fillers under his belt, providing more than 10,000 treatments. He was trained by and worked for many years with Dr Patrick Bowler (Medical Director of Court House Clinics and one of the founders of British College of Aesthetic Medicine).  He enjoys the mix of medicine and art that is at the centre of his work.

Richard’s experience as an aesthetic doctor has shown him that the best results come from being cautious, gradually building up to the final results.  This allows the time for communication about the desired results, leading to a better outcome. As an experienced aesthetic doctor he spends time with people at consultation. He focuses on their wishes and desires whilst giving honest information about likely outcomes.

Richard believes that everyone should be given enough time and space to think about what they want. He is happy to spend time if you are feeling nervous, answering your questions and building your confidence. Focusing on what you want is the key part of his consultation process.  Dr Richard Brighton-Knight  is a fully trained life coach and hypnotherapist, specialist skills which help with understanding where people are coming from. These skills are especially helpful for those who feel a bit nervous, producing a relaxed and enjoyable treatment experience.

What others say about experienced aesthetic doctor – Dr Richard Brighton-Knight


I was thrilled to bits with the results of the Sculptra and Juvederm
treatments I had with Dr Brighton-Knight.  He treated my very tricky lips which
quite a few other Doctors had tried to no avail!  They now have shape
and volume and also my cheeks and nose to mouth lines, after having
Sculptra almost 2 years ago and the results remain as good today as they were after the procedure.

Lee H