Weight Loss

Here at Change Aesthetics, we provide a personalised service for medically supervised weight loss.  We feel it is important to make sure that we put you in charge of what you want for your weight loss. We see many people who have tried different systems but have yet to get the right approach for them. Our Doctor, Dr Richard Brighton-Knight, is very experienced in supporting people to achieve the weight loss they want, in the way that works for them. He uses the latest techniques and medical meal replacements (protéifine©) to support the weight loss. We closely monitor your results, adjusting as needed. This enables you to lose the weight at a speed you are comfortable with. We can also support people who have found it difficult to lose weight on their own, and those with low metabolic rates.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss 1We use a 5 step process for our Medically Supervised Weight Loss

1. Understanding your body.  We provide body composition analysis to help you understand your body including your metabolic rate

2. Personalised eating plan.  We listen to your goals, discuss your options and then design your plan around you.

3. Body contouring (only available at Warwick).  This is and optional for those who want to encourage additional skin tightening.  It provides a focus for stubborn areas of fat whilst using the medically supervised weight loss process.

4. Medical supplementation and supervision for safe swift weight loss.

5. Simple maintenance plans for long-term weight management.


We believe that it is important to focus on long-term weight loss to provide you with sustainable options to manage your weight. We understand that for many people weight loss is not easy and maintaining your weight is not a simple task. Our aim is to support you through a medically supervised weight loss program that leaves you feeling healthy and well, and with a healthier weight.

Everyone has their own story and we are here to enable you to make the changes you want to make.  So call us on 03333 440111.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss – call us now for a personalised plan

We are based in Harley Street, London, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire near Coventry West Midlands and Northampton, Northamptonshire.