Non Surgical Nose Job

non surgical nose job treatment in warwickshire

Are you looking to get a softer line and shape to your nose? Whether you are looking to blend in unevenness or build up parts of your nose we can help.

Why get a non surgical nose treatment?

You want a softer profile to your nose with a blending in of any unevenness

You want less of a dip from your brow

You want a lift to the tip of your nose

What does a non surgical nose job involve?

The first step with non surgical nose job is a full consultation with Dr Richard Brighton-Knight.  This is a more complex procedure that requires time spent at consultation to ensure that we understand what you are looking for and can advise you if the treatment is advisable.

Non surgical nose job uses dermal filler to blend in any unevenness on your nose. The dermal filler is injected into the nose for changes to the shape or is injected below the nose to lift the tip. There is a small amount of swelling after the treatment which may mask the true results. This may require a repeat visit to the clinic to ensure that we have achieve the best possible result.

How do non surgical nose treatments work?

The dermal filler used is a gel which remains in the tissues for about 6 months. The filler will lift the tissues and allow for blending of any unevenness. This is a delicate treatment which can soften the profile of your nose.  It produces a nice subtle change rather than the larger change of surgery.

Who will be performing the procedure?

All these treatments are performed by our very experienced Medical Director Dr Richard Brighton-Knight. He is used to providing the fine detail which this work requires to produce the best results.

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