Reviews Dr Brighton-Knight

Here are a selection of our reviews of Dr Brighton-Knight

Dr Brighton-Knight is an excellent cosmetic doctor and I thoroughly recommend him. He is a very experienced cosmetic doctor who has focused on facial aesthetics as his main job, with many patients for many years, unlike a lot of practitioners. He has an excellent aesthetic eye and his use of facial fillers make me look more beautiful and healthy yet so natural I don’t look like I’ve had work done. He’s very attentive and understanding. Communication with him is great and he’s so skilled and gentle with needles. I’d trust him to take good care of my best friends and my mother, as though we are his own family, and I wouldn’t trust any
other doctor to do my lips.


Dr Brighton-Knight is friendly, approachable & takes the time to find exactly what results you want and if they are achievable.  I am completely confident that my botox treatment will not leave me with an unnatural or overly “doctored” face.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  All in all I’m very happy with my treatments.  I have had botox by other doctors but now would rather not bother than get somebody else to do it!


Dr Brighton-Knight is an amazing practitioner and I would trust no-one else to do my botox.  I have trusted his results for the last five years and am happy to travel to see him.


I found the whole experience very professional – Dr Brighton-Knight is extremely considerate to my needs and tailored my treatment [to] exactly what I wanted


I was thrilled to bits with the results of the Sculptra and Juvederm treatments I had with Dr Brighton-Knight. He treated my very tricky lips, which quite a few other Doctors had tried to no avail! They now have shape and volume and also my cheeks and nose to mouth lines, after having Sculptra almost 2 years ago and the results remain as good today as they were after the procedure.



My Botox results were amazing!!  The whole experience, (including the needles!) was more relaxing than I could have hoped for and the results were exactly what I was looking for, completely natural with no frozen-face syndrome.  Dr Brighton-Knight is definitely an artiste at work.