Thread Lift Treatments

Time to get a little lift? Thread lift treatments have been used for many years. The materials used have developed over time. With the latest types of thread there is more lift and less trauma to the face. This gives better results with less downtime.

Thread Lift to face

Creating lift with Threads.

Why get a Thread Lift?

You’ve got good volume in your face but feel your face is dropping down

You’ve noticed an increase of your jowls

Your neck is showing more lines

What does Thread Lift treatment involve?

The first step with any procedure such as the thread lift is a full consultation with our doctor Dr Richard Brighton-Knight.  He will spend time with you so that you can explain what you are looking for. He will explain what is possible with the threads and how many threads will be used. He will then be able to tell you the cost of your specific treatment.

Once you are happy to proceed, we can book you in. The treatment takes about 60 minutes. The treatment involves local anaesthetic, placing the threads and massaging the skin to ensure lifting is achieved.

How do Thread Lifts work?

We use 2 types of threads Silhouette Soft and 100% Polydioxanone (PDO) material. Silhouette Soft is made from PPLA, which is a collagen stimulator. Each thread has cones on it which provide gripping points to achieve the lift. The PDO threads are made with Polydioxanone which is bio-comparable and bio-absorbable and is widely used in medical stitches. The PDO lifting threads have small hooks all the way along which can then lift across the length of the thread with the force spread out.There are also smaller PDO threads for stimulating the collagen. Which threads are best suited to your needs will be explained at consultation, as this varies from face to face.

Who will be performing the Thread Lift?

Dr Richard Brighton-Knight is a very experienced aesthetic doctor, and is the only person who performs this procedure for us.  He has built up a wide range of experience ensuring that you are in safe hands

Book a consultation now for Thread Lift on 03333 440111

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and we will be able to advise you on what this treatment could do for you.

We are based in Harley Street, London, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, near to Coventry West Midlands and in Hove, Brighton& Hove, Sussex.

Our Before and After Thread Lift – Treatments performed by Dr Richard Brighton-Knight

Thread Lift by Dr Richard Brighton-Knight

Thread Lift by Dr Richard Brighton-Knight

5 point thread lift

Thread Lift by Dr Richard Brighton-Knight

5 point thread lift and neck lift

Thread Lift by Dr Richard Brighton-Knight