Vampire Facial Treatment

Why get Vampire Facial Treatment?

Vampire facial treatment is one of the latest techniques to produce natural changes and stimulation to the skin on your face.

Vampire facial treatments, also know as platelet rich plasma treatment, utilize your own blood to provide stimulating growth hormones to the areas where it is injected. Vampire facial treatments are suitable for delicate areas such as under the eyes and around the mouth.


What does Vampire Facial Treatment involve?

The vampire part of the vampire facial treatment is based on drawing your blood. It requires a small amount of blood (10-30mls) which is taken at the start of your vampire facial treatment. This blood is then spun so that it separates into different layers.  This takes about 10 minutes during which time numbing cream is applied to the area to be treated.  One of the layers produced by spinning the blood is the platelet rich plasma.The platelet rich plasma is then separated off by itself and then re-injected to act as a collagen stimulator.

The production of platelet rich plasma also produces platelet poor plasma.  This is combined with platelet rich plasma for more generalized facial treatment.  This combination is the vampire facial treatment.

Vampire facial

Vampire Facial


How does Vampire Facial Treatment work?

Platelet rich plasma contains many growth factors along side the platelets.  This combination works to stimulate the collagen production within the skin. It therefore thickens the tissues and reduces fine wrinkles.

How safe is Vampire Facial Treatment?

The platelet rich plasma is a fluid so it is one of the safest products to use in delicate areas like around the eyes. Platelet rich plasma can also be used around the mouth to soften the little lines in a natural way without any risk of duck lips. It has the ability to soften fine lines and wrinkles over time.


What results can I expect with Vampire Facial treatment?

Vampire facial treatments are based on the body’s response to stimulation and therefore can produce variable results.  Vampire facial treatments often requires more than 1 treatment. The tissue injected takes time to respond up to 3 months, so results take a little while. It can easily be combined with dermal filler treatments to revolumize the face whilst improving the skin quality on the surface. This combined treatment has the added advantage of producing some instant changes along side a more gradual improvement in skin quality.

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